DentalSave Affiliate

Feature DentalSave on your website or blog and earn money for any qualified purchase made. Signing up is simple and commissions are automatic

Earn 35% Commission on all

The DentalSave Affiliate program helps you provide turnkey solutions to your network by offering affordable dental coverage alternatives, plus vision, hearing and prescription drug savings. You’ll earn a 35% commission on every successful membership.

Affiliate Perks

DentalSave’s platform allows you to provide easy online sign-up and renewals to expedite the membership activation process.


our online affiliate portal gives you access to your customer base and commissions

Marketing Support

Receive on going support and resources from a dedicated affiliate manager.

Great Product

DentalSave average membership lifespan is 8 years. Our members love our product! and so will your network!

Ready to Spread the Smiles and Make Money?

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