Add These Things to Your Daily Routine to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental health problems, affecting almost half of people aged 30 or older. If you do not get the right treatment for gum disease, you could end up losing a tooth or having the disease spread into your jaw bone. To prevent gum disease, add these five things…


Freebie Apps You Need to Take Advantage of

If you use apps, you may not realize that apps aren’t just for making routine tasks easier or entertaining you. There are lots of apps you can use to get free things, which can make life more affordable and fun. Here are some freebies from apps that you might not have known about — and…

hiring and training

Hiring and Training Staff for your Dental Practice

When setting up a new dental practice, it is extremely important to hire the right staff and train them to provide the level of care your patients expect. It is not only dentists you need, but also office managers, hygienists and receptionists to support your business. All these staff need training to help them perform…


The Importance of Reports for Your Dental Practice

Thorough reports help dental practices thrive. However, they are just one step in maintaining a successful practice. For instance, you must know what types of data you’re collecting and why and how everyone, including you, can keep track of what’s important to them without becoming overwhelmed or mired in meetings.     What Things Should…


Print Marketing for Your Dental Practice

If you are in the process of setting up a new dental practice, or you want to revitalize an existing business, you need to think about how you will attract customers to cover your costs and provide a source of revenue. Despite the recent dominance of digital media, print marketing is still a very good…


Ways for Your Dental Practice to Become Involved in the Community

Getting involved in the community is a good way for a new dental practice to attract patients. When local people recognize your brand, they are more likely to consider your practice as an option for their next dental appointment. Becoming involved in the community can also make your dental business seem more trustworthy and friendly….

dental patient

Acquiring New Patients for Your Dental Practice

Acquiring new patients is essential to the success of any dental practice. However, it’s not always clear what marketing strategy will be most effective for attracting new patients to your practice. To succeed, you need to understand what people in your local community want from their dentist. Here are a few factors that can help…

dental practice

Tips on Keeping Your Dental Practice Running Efficiently

A lot of factors go into running a dental practice efficiently. From managing the front office, handling, billing and processing new patients to organizing the back office supplies, there’s always something that needs to be done. Here are a few ways to run your practice more smoothly.     Upgrade Your Scheduling   Are you…

amazon pillpack

Amazon Announces Plan to Acquire Online Pharmacy PillPack

Getting the prescriptions drugs required to manage or eradicate pain or ongoing illnesses is vital to improving overall healthcare. But accessing these pills aren’t always easy or cost-effective for patients. Thanks to intermediaries, supply chains and pharmaceutical monopolies that hamper competition, access to cost-effective prescription drugs is a challenge. That’s why Amazon’s recent acquisition of…

damage teeth

5 Things You Didn’t Realize Damage Your Teeth

Many people know that soda and candy are not good for teeth, but did you realize that your teeth encounter many other hazards in daily life? From your morning workout to the dinner table, your teeth must deal with things that can damage them every day. Here are five potential dangers to watch out for…

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