bernie sanders medicare for all dental

Bernie Sanders’ New Medicare For All Plan Includes Dental

Bernie Sanders has spent years trying to reform the American healthcare system. Last week, he introduced a new plan that would drastically shift the landscape of health insurance for all Americans, and he did it alongside several other Democratic senators, including Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand and Richard Blumenthal. Sanders’ new plan is entitled Medicare for…

heroin overdose street

US Heroin Deaths Up 533 Percent Since 2002

A recent report claims that heroin deaths increased by 533 percent between 2002 and 2016. The number of heroin users also increased, rising from 404,000 in 2002 to almost a million in 2016. This terrifying rise in heroin usage and deaths summarizes the opioid epidemic that is sweeping across the United States.     Heroin…

dentist doctor replacement

Could Your Next Doctor Be Your Dentist?

Things are tricky as of late in American health care, thanks to political uncertainty and the shakiness of the insurance marketplace. While people have easier access to insurance, many Americans — particularly those in rural areas — are finding it harder and harder to access primary care doctors who serve their community as well as…

hurricane preparation for seniors

Hurricane Preparation for Seniors

Hurricanes often bring disaster and destruction, including downed power lines and hampered cellular service caused by harsh winds, flooding from storm surge, and stormwater pollution. This can be especially concerning for seniors who live alone or depend on electricity to essential equipment. It’s important to have a plan in place before a hurricane makes landfall….

artificial intelligence dentistry

Dentistry and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may sound like something you only see in science fiction movies, but technology companies have already developed AI that benefits all kinds of industries. In fact, AI has been making great strides in dentistry. In the near future, you may discover that your dentist uses artificial intelligence to improve everything from daily brushing…

oral and heart health

Heart Disease and Oral Health

Oral health, or the lack thereof, can have a much larger impact on your total health, not just your teeth. For almost two decades, it has been suspected that there is a link between oral disease and heart disease. But, it wasn’t until recently that scientists were certain of the relationship.   Scientists first became…

prescription drug reference pricing

Study Finds Reference Pricing Helps to Save on Prescription Drugs

Americans pay higher prices for drugs than people living in nearly all developed countries. Prices have become so high for name-brand drugs that many people simply cannot afford to buy their medications. A recent study conducted by researchers at UC Berkeley shows that reference pricing helps patients save on prescription drugs.     What Is…

dental hygienist

How to Become a Dental Hygienist

There are four courses a person can take to become a dental hygienist: community colleges, technical colleges, colleges and universities, and dental schools. To earn an associate’s degree, studies usually require around two years to complete.   Colleges and universities also offer bachelor’s degrees for those interested in a career as a dental hygienist. And,…

low-income kids dentist

Low-Income Kids in Connecticut Have Better Dental Outcomes

To prevent tooth decay, dental sealants are provided to Connecticut’s low-income children at higher rates than other states in the nation according to the New Hampshire Register’s Cara Rosner.   In 2011, a little more than 10 percent of the economically disadvantaged children in Connecticut enrolled in the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership, a Department of…

when should you get a flu shot

When Should You Get a Flu Shot?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 710,000 people are hospitalized each year for influenza. Even more alarmingly, up to 56,000 people die from flu-related ailments.   Getting a flu shot is the most effective way to protect yourself from influenza. Perhaps even more importantly, the flu vaccine can stop influenza…