17 Delightful Deals and Discounts Just for Seniors

It’s no secret that as you get older, prices tend to get lower. From dental savings plans to dining discounts, you’ll find lots of ways to save. Check out these deals and discounts worth trying that are just for seniors.   Entertainment   AMC Movie Tickets. Watch your favorite movies with a discount at your…

Military and Veteran Dental Benefits

Military personnel often qualify for dental benefits that pay for all or a portion of their dental care. The plans that people get from the military and Veterans Affairs office, however, don’t always meet their needs. When military dental services fall short, DentalSave offers affordable plans that significantly lower the cost of visiting the dentist….

teeth restoration

Cement or Screw-Retained Dental Restorations: Differences and Benefits

When you’re missing a tooth, it’s easy to become self-conscious about smiling. But thanks to dental restoration procedures, you have options to restore your smile. Cement dental restoration and screw-retained dental restoration are two ways to get it done and restore your dental implants. However, there are some key benefits that differentiate the two options….

best product to buy each month

Best Time of Year to Buy Everything, by Category

If you want to get a good deal on the products you need to buy throughout the year, timing your purchases is a good strategy. Different types of products go on sale at different times of year. Use this shopping calendar to plan when you will buy various items and get big savings.   January…

save on food spending

6 Ways to Cut Your Food Bills

One of the best ways to economize on household bills is to take a long hard look at what your food expenditure actually is. Putting the spotlight on the food you buy and throw in the trash unused will help you focus on being more economical. By saving money on food, you’ll have more to…

make savings a game

Make Saving a Game

Once you get the savings habit, you tend to stick with it. Getting started, though, can be tough. You did your homework on the big stuff: you shopped around to find dental plans you could afford, you signed up for prescription drug discounts; maybe you even shopped for an online mortgage to get a great…

Credentialing Newly Hired Dentists

When your dental practice hires an additional dentist, you must be aware of several critical actions that must occur to receive proper reimbursement for the newly hired dentist’s services. Newly hired dentists must still be properly credentialed and enrolled in your practice’s insurance plans. Learn the consequences of not credentialing, the steps in the process…

hospitals manufacture generic drugs

With Increased Prices and Frequent Shortages, Hospitals Move to Manufacture Generic Drugs

Faced with shortages of essential drugs and rising prices, some hospital systems are taking a revolutionary and proactive approach. They are beginning to manufacture their own generic versions of popular prescription medications, ensuring that patients always have access to the drugs they need.     According to Dr. Marc Harrison, chief executive of Intermountain Healthcare,…

dental hygienist exam

6 Qualities of a Great Dental Hygienist

In a dentist’s office, a dental hygienist is probably the person patients will interact with most, even more than the dentist in many cases. More than just a technical position, the dental hygienist role is critical to the success of the entire dental practice.     What Is a Dental Hygienist?   A dental hygienist…

boost energy with healthy habits

5 Healthy Tips to Boost Your Energy Levels

Most people start a new year with a goal like weight loss or to learn a new skill, only to give up in frustration months or even weeks later. But making lasting and sustainable changes is possible, whether you start on January 1st or at any time that works best for you.     1….