Dental Emergency Travel Guide

You never know when you will have a dental emergency. One moment your life seems normal. A few seconds later you could break your tooth on poorly prepared food or be hit in the mouth by a stray golf ball. You could also wake up with searing tooth pain that makes it impossible for you to go about your day.


These unexpected pains are bad enough when they happen at home. They’re even worse while you’re traveling. Follow this dental emergency travel guide so you’ll know what to do when you experience an emergency away from home.



Get a Dental Checkup Before Traveling


Don’t avoid the dentist just because your teeth feel fine. You may have a condition like gum disease, tooth decay or tooth sensitivity that hasn’t shown its symptoms yet. Once traveling, you might discover that stress, changes in air pressure and other situations can reveal tremendous pain that leaves you incapacitated.


You can avoid this problem by scheduling a comprehensive oral evaluation a few weeks before you plan to leave home. An evaluation gives your dentist a chance to look for underlying signs of developing problems. If you need surgery, get the procedure done now so you can heal up before your trip.



Research Dentists in Your Destination City


You can’t control when a dental emergency will happen, so you should know the contact information of a reliable dentist in your destination city. Finding another dentist isn’t hard as long as you travel within the United States or Puerto Rico. DentalSave’s dental discount plan members have access to more than 40,000 dental providers in those areas, so you can see a dentist quickly and find relief from your pain.


If you don’t already have a dental plan, you can get one now or while you’re traveling. Unlike dental insurance, which often makes you wait several months before it will cover certain procedures, DentalSave discount dental plans don’t have waiting periods. Instead of suffering, you get the attention you need at a discounted price.



Find Emergency Dental Services Abroad


Dental emergencies can become more problematic when you visit another country. If you’re in France, Australia, Mexico or another country, you will have to find alternative dental treatments.


It makes sense to conduct your research before you leave home. You may want to contact your hotel’s concierge, a nearby American consulate or embassy, or a dental association to learn more about your treatment options abroad. The answers you get may change significantly depending on where you plan to visit.


Make a copy of your emergency dental contacts and carry it with you during your travels. You may want to keep a copy with your passport and other important documents. Having the information on you will make it easier to get the treatment you need. Without the right phone number, you may suffer for days before you find someone who can help.





Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you need to plan ahead for dental emergencies. Get a checkup before you leave and carry contact information with you at all times. If you happen to have an emergency, you will know how to visit a qualified dentist who can control the pain and address the underlying medical issue.


The sooner you get treated, the sooner you can get back to your travels.



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