Military and Veteran Dental Benefits

Military personnel often qualify for dental benefits that pay for all or a portion of their dental care. The plans that people get from the military and Veterans Affairs office, however, don’t always meet their needs. When military dental services fall short, DentalSave offers affordable plans that significantly lower the cost of visiting the dentist.



Dental Benefits for Active-Duty Service Members


Active-duty service members get dental benefits from the TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program (ADDP). The only people who qualify for ADDP are active-duty service members, National Guard members who have been on active duty for more than 30 days, and Reserve members who have been on active duty for more than 30 days.


For the most part, active-duty service members receive dental care from dentists who work for the military. In some cases, though, military personnel can obtain referrals that let them get treatments from civilian dentists.



Dental Benefits for the Families of Active-Duty Service Members


The dependents (spouses and children) of military personnel who qualify for ADDP can also sign up for TRICARE dental plans. Once the service member leaves the armed forces, though, family members have limited options.


One of the most popular dental plan options comes from the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program. The Retiree Dental Program is a voluntary insurance plan that individuals must pay for out of their pockets.


In order for family members to qualify for the Retiree Dental Program, they must be dependents or survivors of retired service members. In order to retire from the military, service members must dedicate themselves to 20 years of duty.


The dependents of soldiers who receive Medals of Honor also qualify for the Retiree Dental Program. Medal of Honor recipients don’t necessarily have to retire from the military. Getting a Medal of Honor, however, is difficult since it only goes to people who have shown valor while fighting enemy forces. Only a little more than 3,500 Americans have been awarded the Medal of Honor.



Dental Benefits for Veterans


Some veterans can get dental care at their local Veterans Affairs Dental Clinic. Only certain veterans, however, qualify for VA dental services. Those who don’t qualify have the opportunity to purchase dental insurance through the VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP).


Dental policies available through VADIP come from private companies. The VA, however, negotiates prices with the companies so veterans can purchase dental plans at discounted rates.



DentalSave Discount Plans Make Dental Services More Affordable


Since not all members of the military qualify for dental benefits, some people can benefit from dental discount plans from DentalSave.


DentalSave has three plan options to meet the needs of individuals and families. An Individual Plan offers 20 to 50 percent off dental visits for one person. The Dual Membership offers the same benefit for two people. The Family Membership offers 20 to 50 percent off dental visits for families. The plans are accepted at more than 10,000 DentalSave dentist locations and more than 40,000 Careington dental locations.


In addition to saving money on dental services, DentalSave members get to save on vision care, hearing devices and prescription drugs.


Unlike most plans available through the military and VA, DentalSave members can start using their benefits as soon as they sign up.


Contact DentalSave to learn more about plans, prices and benefits for military personnel, veterans and their families.


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