What is a Dental Plan?

What is a Dental Plan?

As Medicare provides coverage for most drug costs, perhaps the biggest out-of-pocket medical bills now come from dentists. While insurers see an opportunity here, the fact remains that dental insurance does not cover more extensive procedures. A dental  plan, on the other hand, is a discounted plan for groups, families or individuals who wish to save money on dental care. On participating in this plan, you save as much as 60% on dental care at networked or affiliated dentists across the country!

Why Choose A Dental Plan?

Apart from the massive savings on even advanced dental procedures, the benefits of a dental savings plan are aplenty. There are no co-pays or deductibles, no hassles with paperwork, no waiting periods and no restrictions on the types of procedures you can get done under it and the number of times you use it each year.

Reputed providers such as DentalSave let you choose from a variety of plans in affiliation with trusted health brands. You therefore get excellent services and superior savings for the plans you choose. Here is what you can enjoy when opting for one of these plans:

  • Between 10% and 60% of savings on most dental procedures.
  • A wide network of reputed dentists across the country, that gives you the flexibility to use your savings plan whenever or wherever the need may arise.
  • Options to save on individual or group dental care.
  • No health restrictions to start using your plan.

Choosing the Right Plan

While a dental saving plan carries with it a host of benefits, making an informed decision is vital if you are to choose the right plan. Determine, first, as to whether you plan to cover just yourself, your family, or a group, perhaps at your workplace. Fix your budget, location and the types of dental care you may need. Once you find the right plan, check whether your dentist is a participant in the program or whether you’d like to use the services of another dentist. Decide whether you’d like to pay for the plan annually or monthly, and start saving on dental care as soon as you’re approved.

In summary, even advanced dental care needn’t make a hole in your pocket if you have the right coverage. While dental insurance covers the basics, a dental saving plan lets you save up to 60% on most procedures, for you or for your family.

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