Discover dental plans for seniors

Discount plans like DentalSave offer great deals on dental care and more

You’re probably familiar with traditional dental insurance, but a DentalSave discount plan is something completely different. It can save you money on dental care by giving you access to discounts at some of the nation’s best dentists.

When evaluating dental plans for seniors, you may find that a discount plan is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Learn about discount dental plans for seniors

With DentalSave, you’ll pay 25-50 percent less than other patients for the same top-quality dental care—everything from check ups and cleanings to crowns or implants.

It works like this: We find dentists who agree to offer discounted fees for dental care. Our members pay a fee (starting at just $99 per year) to join the plan. When they see a participating dentist, they just show their membership cards and save.

It’s that simple. Think of it like a warehouse club—you get the same quality product, but pay a lot less. Dentists participate because it makes good business sense. Members join because they get unbeatable savings.

Save more than you can with insurance

DentalSave is not insurance, but it can provide an even better deal.

With insurance, you pay a premium to the insurance company. When you get dental care, the insurance company pays part of the bill (you’re often responsible for a co-pay).

Most insurance plans put a limit on the benefits they’ll pay in any given year, usually just $1,000-2,000. Once you pass that limit, you’re responsible for any remaining bills.

If you need expensive dental procedures—which seniors often do—you’ll soon hit your limit. At that point, your insurance offers zero savings.

Here’s what you pay for under a dental insurance plan:

Here’s what you pay for under a
dental insurance plan:

Membership fee +
discounted costs

  • //
  • //

With DentalSave, you pay your dentist directly, but save on every single procedure you need. Many members combine DentalSave with traditional insurance to save even more (ask your dental clinic about combining dental discount and insurance plans).

See how much you can save

The amount you can save depends on the dental services you need—see these examples of typical savings:

Procedure Regular fee DentalSave fee Savings
Periodic oral evaluation $52 $28.50 $23.50
X-rays, including bitewings $137 $75.50 $61.50
Adult cleaning $93 $51.00 $42
Resin filling $255 $140.50 $114.50
Crown $1,170 $643.50 $526.50

The best dentists in the business

DentalSave’s participating dentists are state certified, fully insured, and reviewed by our members. They’re some of the best in the business, conveniently located in just about every community.

Participating in DentalSave helps them connect with thousands of patients, fill available appointments, and save time and paperwork. It’s a win-win for dentists and families alike.

Our dentist search tools let you identify dentists in any specialty, from general dentistry through advanced fields like orthodontics. Do a quick search and find participating dentists in your area—your current dentist may be one of them.

Big savings on other health care needs

DentalSave also brings you big discounts on prescription drugs, vision care, and hearing care—another reason we’re more than your typical family dental plan. For no extra charge you’ll get:

  • //

    20-40 percent off

    eye exams and glasses

  • //

    40-50 percent off


  • //

    At least 5 percent off local quotes for hearing aids

  • //

    40 percent off

    hearing exams and diagnostic services

  • //

    15-60 percent off

    generic drugs

  • //

    15-25 percent off

    name-brand drugs

Just a few simple steps

It takes just a few minutes to enroll in your DentalSave plan:


Choose a plan that fits your household and your budget—individual, couple, and family options from $99-199 a year, payable annually or monthly.


Find your dentist—choose a participating dentist or see whether your current dentist takes DentalSave.


Get the care you need—there’s no waiting period, and all you need to do is show your membership card to save.

With DentalSave, the savings start right away, and anyone can join.

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