Best Discount Dental Plans in New York

Dental care can become expensive even for routine teeth checkups or cleanings. That is why it is pertinent to have a dental discount plan to cover the different aspects of dentistry from teeth cleaning to orthodontia and extractions. Below are some reviews of the Best New York Discount Dental Plans.

1) Dentalsave
Dentalsave discount dental plan offers both monthly and annual memberships. It provides members with drastically discounted rates of up to 50 percent. It covers a broad range of procedures from cleanings to root canals. These are the three plans:

– The individual plan costs $99 annually.
– The dual plan costs $165 annually.
– The family plan costs $199 annually.

Dentalsave is the best rated discount dental plan NY has to offer with over 42,000 locations and no limits on usage or caps on savings. At no additional cost, it also include savings plans like vision, prescription drugs, and hearing.

AARP Dental Insurance has two discount plans; one has lower premiums and payout. It has many providers and covers between 50 and 100 percent cost. However, it has no orthodontia or extra coverage. For seniors, this plan has an annual limit on coverage ($1,500), an annual deductible, and requires an AARP membership to join.

3) Avia Dental Plan
Avia Dental Plan has no paperwork or red tape. It offers a variety of discounted plans including individual, student, senior, and family. The senior plans have lower rates and enrollment fee waivers for online sign ups. Avia offers discounts of up to 50 percent as well as additional savings plans on prescriptions and vision care of up to 15 percent off of retail prices. However, it does not offer any savings on hearing.

4) Cigna
Cigna Plus Savings plans offer up to 35 percent discounts on dental services. Cigna has 93,000 service providers. They encourage preventive measures like periodic exams, and provides coverage outside your area. However, Cigna’s discounted rates are lower than other dental plans like Dentalsave. Also, the individual and family plans have no hearing or vision savings.

5) CVS iSave
CVS iSave requires no paperwork or waiting time. It offers discounts ranging from 15 to 50 percent and has over 114,000 participating dental caregivers. CVS iSave also provides additional prescription and vision care plans. CVS iSave does not offer hearing savings plans. Also, it has higher annual costs of $179.64 and $299.64 for individual and family plans respectively compared to other discounted plans.

6) Vital Savings by Aetna
Aetna offers two discounted plans with monthly payments: dental only and dental plus pharmacy. Aetna’s discount rates range between 15 and 50 percent. It has about 156,000 dental providers and 67,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Both plans offer additional savings on eye exams, Lasik surgery, diet programs, gyms, and massage therapy. However, Aetna has no hearing or comprehensive vision savings plans.

7) DenteMax
DenteMax dental discount plans have a convenient online signup platform. It has no paperwork or additional fees and provides coverage outside of your area. You can save anywhere from 20 to 40 percent and have access to over 61,000 dentists nationwide. DenteMax does not offer any additional savings plans like hearing, prescription drugs, or vision.

8) Patriot Health
Patriot Health’s dental discount program saves you up to 40 percent of the total cost incurred. It covers oral surgery and emergency treatment. It has 7,900 dental providers.

When you compare dental discount plans in NY, Dentalsave stands out as arguably one of the most reliable New York top rated discount dental plans. It offers up to 50 percent discounts and includes additional plans like vision, prescription drugs, and hearing. Overall, members can save big with DentalSave without the hassle of insurance plans.

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