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Recent studies have brought the needed attention to the existing relationship between a person’s general health and dental care. The Academy of General Dentistry has discovered that over 90 percent of systematic diseases have been related to oral health symptoms. This means that poor dental health may have negative side effects on some conditions and diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, and pregnancy. According to the Dental Health Magazine, people that have gum diseases are more likely to suffer coronary artery diseases than those without gum diseases.

For individuals that religiously keep up with dental hygiene such as flossing and brushing twice daily and keeping up with their dental checkups. These dental hygiene and preventive habits can help you to avoid major and expensive dental procedures for the future. Proper dental care will also help to keep your employees at work. Keep in mind that time lost out of work due to dental related problems equates to over 160 million hours each year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, dental health isn’t achieved by just brushing and flossing or chewing sugarless gum. At one time you may need a root canal, cavity filling, or your child may need braces. Most of the time, the mouth isn’t covered by employer-sponsored insurance plans especially at a time when dental care cost is rising very fast.

Employees are Now More Mindful of Employer Dental Benefits

Recent media reports including BankRate.com states, “Should you get a dental insurance to cover your employees or a discount dental plan?” and the New York Times, “How can you manage dental costs if you don’t have insurance”. These articles have shed light to the existing struggle against the big gap between employers and dental benefits due to high dental expenses.

Nowadays, the reality is that most employers offer health care benefits that does not cover dental procedures. According to a recent report by the U.S. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics, only a total of 48 percent of workers can access employer-offered dental plans. However, dental benefits just like health insurance are a definite plus to recruiting and retaining top talent.

Dental plans for businesses aren’t in short supply and you may find it difficult to navigate just like health insurance. Searching for a comprehensive and affordable dental plan for your business will also demand a similar level of diligence that you may have applied for a medical plan to ensure that you keep the costs low as you maintain positive employee relations.

Consider Discount Dental Plans

Most companies today consider employer-paid dental programs as expensive and unnecessary to the overall health and well-being of employees. However, despite the lean economic times, you can still set up a dental plan for your workers and maintain your company afloat. Employer sponsored discount dental plans in NY today are looking very enticing. The employee dental discount plan NY is now becoming an alternative for most employers to share with their employees and help save on health care costs.

With New York groups and associations discount dental plans, both employees and families can pay an annual membership fee that enables them to access experienced discount dental dentists in New York. Major providers of New York discount dental plans, such as DentalSave offer plans where employees can save between 10 to 60 percent on X-rays, routine dental exams and costly dental procedures. Keep in mind that discount dental plans are not dental insurance. Therefore, employees will typically pay an annual membership fee per year or they can choose a family dental plan. With discount dental plans your employees can start benefiting immediately unlike insurance where they have to wait for months.

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