Family Dental Discount Plans New York

Many people suffer from frightening visions when they think of visiting a dentist, but the reality is that a dentist is far less intimidating than his bills are. Dental care can be quite a drain on your wallet, even for something as simple as a routine checkup or cleaning. Family dental discount plans New York can help you save as much as 60% on your costs per visit while covering all aspects of dentistry.

Why Dental Savings Plans Are Essential

If you have a family of 5, you’d be paying a minimum of $1,200 on dental insurance costs. This is not practical if your family has healthy teeth and you rarely use your insurance. However, discount dental plans can cost you much less and help you save huge. There are several family dental discount plans in NY such as DentalSave from which you can choose.

Top Discount Dental Plans For New York Families


This dental plan covers a vast network of providers and removes the need for any paperwork before getting approvals or receiving care. Family plans can be quite expensive although everyone in the family is covered. Senior rates are applicable if you prove that you are over 62 years old, but the downside is that some states such as Florida do not allow discounted senior rates. The plan covers a broad range of services, payments are monthly and annual.


The Careington Care 500 plan lets you cover your entire family or just yourself for discounts on most dental work. There is a temporary card you can use until your physical discount dental card arrives in the mail, this way you can start benefiting from your plan right away. You can use your plan no matter which part of the country you are located in. Coverage includes basic oral exams down to more complex treatments. Keep in mind, they do not cover lab fees.


Cigna Plus Savings is another leader among family dental discount plans in NY and provides you with an average of up to 35% discount on your dental care while linking you up to service providers all over the country. The program itself encourages you to take preventive measures that will help to keep your teeth in the best possible condition. While the plan covers most procedures, actual discounts vary depending on the service provider and the area they are located in.


Among the top discount dental plans for New York families is DentalSave. Connecting you with a large, growing network of service providers throughout the country. You can enjoy private, high-quality dental care at surprisingly low costs. Members are entitled to 25-50% discounts on most dental procedures ranging from oral exams to root canals. There are no annual limits, of course, no waiting periods, no pre-existing limitations, no claim forms and no needless paperwork. In addition, you get access to specialists without having to get referrals first. You can choose monthly or annual membership plans for your family and use your membership card at any of the participating providers’ offices.


Patriot Health is also a provider of cheap family discount dental plans in NY and lets you enjoy around 40% discounts on dental care. Coverage is provided for oral exams, surgery, and maintenance. The downside here is that not all dentists offer the same discount and you will need to check costs before you visit one. Another downside is, they do not offer discounts for in-office whitening.

Having considered some of the leading family dental discount plans in NY. DentalSave is undoubtedly the best option. Not only do you enjoy huge discounts for your entire family, but you also get to connect with some of the best dental providers for quality care at affordable prices.

Some of New York’s best dentists

DentalSave dentists are some of the best in the business. They’re New York-certified, fully insured, and reviewed by our members.

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It’s easy to find New York dentists near you. Use our dentist search tool to locate dentists by location and specialty.

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