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Have a high deductible plan, currently uninsured, or paying expensive copayments? You can use two different types of drug plans: prescription drugs plans NY and drug insurance. For prescription drugs plans NY, you can choose to pay a monthly or annual fee and get a card. You will present your card when filling a prescription and you will be given a certain percentage discount. The discount varies by the drugs you are purchasing or brand. Keep in mind that prescription drugs plans NY aren’t insurance plans. Instead, these plans are offered by manufacturers, drug stores and membership organizations such as Medimpact.

Why Drop Your Prescription Drugs Insurance?

Prescription drugs insurance works like medical insurance. You pay a premium and copays every time you are filling a prescription. In case you are insured through your employer group plan, the New York prescription drug coverage can either be separately administered or integrated with your medical insurance. Sometimes there are group plans that don’t include prescription drug coverage.

Will Medicare Cover Your Prescription Drugs?

Medicare part A and B doesn’t cover most outpatient prescription drugs used at home, but it covers a limited number of casualty prescription drugs. The drugs covered under Part B are those that you wouldn’t give to yourself, for instance, those you get at a hospital outpatient setting or a doctor’s office.

Drugs covered by Medicare Part B:

Antigens: If antigens are prepared by a doctor and provided by a properly trained individual, then Medicare can help you pay for them.

Blood clotting: In case you are suffering from hemophilia, Medicare will help pay for the clotting factors that you administer to yourself through injections.

Injectable osteoporosis drugs: Medicare helps to pay for injectable drugs for women suffering from osteoporosis who are eligible as per the Medicare conditions.

Injectable and infused drugs: Most of the injectable and infused drugs that are given by a licensed medical provider are covered by Medicare.

Erythropoiesis: Medicare will help pay for this drug if you have ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) or if you need this drug to treat anemia.

Therefore, if you are a Medicare beneficiary and want to qualify for full prescription drug coverage, you have two main choices. You can either enroll in the Medicare Advantage plan that is inclusive of Part D prescription drug coverage, or you can purchase a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. However, you can choose to enroll in a prescription discount plan instead of the Part D Medicare cover.

Why Use DentalSave’s Prescription Card?

Whether you’re taking prescription drugs or you just want prescription drugs affordability on over-the-counter medicines, Medimpact’s prescription discount plan will help you meet your medication needs. Some of the benefits of the Medimpact Rx plan include:

Save more: As a member, you are entitled to prescription savings ranging from 15 percent to 60 percent off the retail price of most generic drugs, and discounts ranging from 15 percent to 25 percent off the retail price of most brand-name drugs in any of our New York location.

Determine the best program: Even when you have health insurance, you can compare the prices of the two and choose the program that helps you save more.

Convenience: You can save more by ordering your 90 days supply through the Medimpact mail-order service. Use the mail-order form or call 866.744.0621 to get started

Save more on thousands of generic and brand name prescription drugs with DentalSave. The Medimpact prescription drug savings plan is included in your DentalSave membership. You can start saving by simply presenting your card at any participating location.

How dental insurance works

Consider the costs of dental insurance: You pay a premium every month. You pay a co-pay for many services. And you pay for any care that runs over your annual benefits cap (usually just $1,000-2,000 dollars).

Smart consumers in Alaska are starting to see that dental insurance isn’t always a great deal. If you don’t go to the dentist often, you can pay more for premiums than you get back in care. If you need extensive dental services, you can quickly surpass your benefits cap, paying the rest out of pocket.

DentalSave’s New York dental plans are different

DentalSave works on a different model. First, we find New York dentists interested in participating. We negotiate the best possible rates—usually 20-50 percent off—that we can pass on to our members.

Next, members sign up for the plan and pay an annual or monthly membership fee. Starting at just $99 for a one-year individual membership, it’s cheaper than typical insurance premiums.

Finally, members pay discounted fees every time they go to the dentist. They pay only for the care they need with zero benefits cap.

Once you become a DentalSave member, you’ll never pay full price at the dentist again.

Discounted dental services with New York dental plans

DentalSave discounts apply to every dental procedure—from basic check-ups and cleanings to more complex treatments like root canals and crowns to braces, dental implants, and more.

See these examples for dental services common in New York:

Procedure Regular fee DentalSave fee Savings
Periodic oral evaluation $52 $28.50 $23.50
X-rays, including bitewings $137 $75.50 $61.50
Adult cleaning $93 $51.00 $42
Resin filling $255 $140.50 $114.50
Crown $1,170 $643.50 $526.50

Some of New York’s best dentists

DentalSave dentists are some of the best in the business. They’re New York-certified, fully insured, and reviewed by our members.

For them, DentalSave makes business sense. Joining our network helps them connect with thousands of new patients and fill available appointments. They also get paid faster, avoiding the paperwork and delays that come with insurance plans.

It’s easy to find Alaska dentists near you. Use our dentist search tool to locate dentists by location and specialty.

Dental care is just the start

Every Alaska DentalSave membership also includes big discounts on vision care, hearing care, and prescription drugs. Benefits include:

20-40 percent off
eye exams
and glasses

40-50 percent off

At least 5 percent off
local quotes
for hearing

40 percent off
hearing exams and diagnostic services

15-60 percent off
generic drugs

15-25 percent off
name-brand drugs

Just a few simple steps

It takes just a few minutes to enroll in your DentalSave plan:

Choose a plan that fits your household and your budget—individual, couple, and family options from $99-199 a year, payable annually or monthly.

Find your dentist – choose a participating Wyoming dentist or see whether your current dentist takes DentalSave..

Get the care you need – there’s no waiting period, and all you need to do is show your membership card to save.

Sign up and start saving

With DentalSave, the savings start right away, and anyone can join.

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