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The cost of dental care in the state of New York are rising, as more and more residents turn to dental plans as an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Dental plans are ideal for families, seniors, individuals, small businesses, and students looking to save money on every visit they make to the dentist.

Dental plans provide their members with significantly reduced dentist rates on discounts of up to 50 percent. You can also change plans anytime to save more money or access additional savings plans on prescription medication, hearing, and vision. Some of the top rated dental plans in New York State include DentalSave, AARP, CVS iSave, Careington, and Aetna.

Affordable Dental Insurance vs. Affordable Dental Plans

Dental insurance requires you to pay an agreed premium amount every month, and in return, the insurer covers part of your dental treatment costs. Dental insurance is characterized by annual caps, deductibles, bulky paperwork, and tedious claims procedures.

In comparison, dental plans have more friendly and straightforward terms and conditions. Once you decide on the plan you want, you will pay an one-time annual fee and immediately get included into the plan’s coverage. This means that you can access significantly reduced dental service rates at any of your plan’s participating dentist’s office.

Dental plans have no paperwork or extended filing procedures, no limits and caps on the amount of savings you can receive annually, no red tape, and no tedious reimbursement processes. Furthermore, with no deductibles, you can join and use your membership card on the same day.

Affordable Dental Plan in New York

New York has many dental plans serving residents across the state. Therefore, when you want to find a reliable plan for yourself or your family, you need to compare all of the features offered by different dental plans. DentalSave offers some of the most affordable rates in the state. The annual fees for DentalSave’s Individual, Dual, and Family plans are $99, $165, and $199 respectively.

Large Network of Participating Dentists

Affordable dental plans in NY, residents have access to have large networks of participating dental providers. DentalSave offers you access to over 10,000 dental locations on its network as well as another 40,000 plus dentists allied to Careington.

Additional Savings Plans

DentalSave is perhaps the only low-cost dental plan offering additional savings plans on vision, prescription medication, and hearing. Most of the other dental plans only offer one or two extra covers; some offer none. DentalSave provides vision savings with EyeMed, Hearing savings with Amplifon, and Prescription medication savings with MedImpact.

Other Perks Offered by DentalSave

DentalSave has streamlined its operations to offer you an affordable and convenient dental savings plan. These include:

- No waiting period from when you pay the annual fee and the start of your coverage. Unlike insurance, DentalSave’s membership is effective immediately after you join,you get to start saving on the same day.

- No claims to process or paperwork required. You simply show your membership card every visit and you pay your dentist the discounted rate which will allow you to save right away.

- The DentalSave membership card has no limits on use. Therefore, every member of your family saves on every visit to the dentist.

DentalSave has an easy to manage online portal that allows you to search through the dentist database to find one located most near you.

Dental plans are a better alternative savings plan compared to dental insurance. Among the dental plans in New York, DentalSave stands out as a cheap dental plan that provides you not only with dental savings but also vision, prescription medication, and hearing savings as well.

Some of New York’s best dentists

DentalSave dentists are some of the best in the business. They’re New York-certified, fully insured, and reviewed by our members.

For them, DentalSave makes business sense. Joining our network helps them connect with thousands of new patients and fill available appointments. They also get paid faster, avoiding the paperwork and delays that come with insurance plans.

It’s easy to find New York dentists near you. Use our dentist search tool to locate dentists by location and specialty.

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