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In 2010, the number of people that failed to seek dental treatment rose to 15.2% for males and 19.4% for females. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the numbers were expected to increase due to the high cost of dental treatment and care. With dental insurers limiting the coverage, individual dental plans in NY can bridge the gap to finding more affordable dental treatment.

What are Individual Dental Plans?

An Individual dental plan is a fee based on membership terms between individuals and dental service providers. Usually, you pay an annual or monthly fee to secure your membership. With the membership card, you can seek dental care from dentists listed in your plan.

Individual dental plans offer better rates compared to dental insurances that come at higher servicing costs. Additionally, individual dental plans have shorter waiting periods to activate and comes without annual limits. The plans allow members to save 10-60% on most dental procedures.

Some of the individual dental plans in NY include Dentalsave, Aetna Dental, Careington, Cigna, and Ameritas. The plans offer great rates for various dental procedures including root canals and dentures. Additionally, they provide access to thousands of dental practitioners in New York.

Individual Dental Plans in NY

1. Dentalsave

Dentalsave comes with amazing dental rates as low as $99 per year for individuals. With that, you can utilize your membership and receive dental care from dentists in your plan anywhere in New York. With Dentalsave, you are guaranteed of fast activations, quick claims processes and up to 50 percent off your dental expenses.

You can start using your plan on the same day right after activation. It takes just a few minutes to choose, register and activate your policy. More to this, the plan allows you to purchase prescribed drugs, hearing and vision services at a discounted rate.

2. AetnaDental

Aetna individual dental plan NY has rates ranging from 15 percent to 50 percent. With a wide coverage around New York, you can receive dental care from participating dentists. Aetna provides dental and additional pharmacy plans. However, their plan does not offer additional hearing and vision discounts for members.

3. Careington

Careington individual dental plan in NY allow members to enjoy vision and prescription savings in addition to the dental plan. The rates range from 20 percent to 50 percent at participating dentists. However, if you require specialists' services, you only scoop a 20 percent discount.

4. Cigna

The Cigna dental savings plan allows members to enjoy dental services at a reduced rate of 15 percent to 50 percent. With the membership card, you can quickly process your claims. Cigna offers vision and hearing care at an extra amount on top of the yearly rates.

5. Ameritas

Ameritas offers individual dental plans all year including dental exams and cleaning. With the membership plan, you can visit any Ameritas dental network provider. Additionally, the policy allows you to save on prescription drugs across New York.

The Cost of Individual Dental Plans in NY

Individual dental plans in NY come at relatively low rates compared to the conventional dental insurance. For instance, Dentalsave individual plan costs as little as $99 per year with a flexible payment of $9.99 per month. More to this, individual dental plans allow you to save more since there are no annual limits or saving caps.

As an individual, you need access to affordable dental care all year round. An important tip is to consider the availability of additional benefits such as prescription drugs, vision and hearing. Also, before acquiring individual dental plans in NY, check the provider’s payment schedule, the saving rate and waiting periods.

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