Dental Discount Plans

in Long Island NY

One of the leading problems in America is the lack of access to affordable dental care. According to USA Today, the number of people in emergency rooms due to delayed dental care has doubled since the year 2000.

A report by Families USA in the year 2014 also indicated that many insured Americans choose to forego needed health care due to the high out-of-pocket costs. The report also indicated that adults with private coverage skipped dental services due to the high co-payments and deductibles.

Affordable Care Act Doesn’t Consider Adults

The ACA (Affordable Care Act) made dental care compulsory for children under their health insurance. However, it wasn’t extended to insurance for adults. This means that several adults with private insurance may still lack dental coverage. According to a study conducted in the year 2008 by the CDC, it was discovered that nearly 70 percent of Americans with private health insurance lacked dental coverage.

Dental Discount Plans in Long Island NY

Dental Insurance Won’t Help You Save if You Need Extensive Dental Work

Whether you have HMO, PPO or Indemnity Plan, you will have to see a dentist in your network to maximize your benefits. These plans often favor those with very healthy teeth, but if you need extensive dental work like root canals or crowns, your dental insurance will only cover a certain percentage of the dental cost.

Another downside of dental insurance is the long waiting period before you can access certain types of treatment. By the time you get these treatments, the pain will have worsened and you may need more invasive treatment that you can’t afford. Although dental insurance is meant to be a good thing, they are designed around a preventative care model that hopes you will be visiting your hygienist routinely and brush after meals.

Get Affordable Dental care with Dental Discount Plans in Long Island NY

Dental discount plans in Long Island NY are very different from your traditional dental insurance, but they can help you save a ton of money. These plans have low monthly premiums than traditional dental insurance policies and you can choose to pay annually or monthly and get a discount card that helps you save in a variety of dental treatments and services. A discount dental plan like DentalSave gives you discounts ranging from 20 to 60 percent on various dental procedures. After paying the membership fee, you won’t pay anything else to the company.

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