Senior Dental Insurance in New York: Which is the Best Plan?

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Senior citizens are seeking dental coverage to help them reduce their dental expenses. Just like bones, teeth weaken as we age and become susceptible to decay, disease, and inflammation. This means that seniors are more in need of dental care than the younger American population. Loosened implants, broken teeth and receding gums due to the aging process are some of the reasons why you should remain vigilant about your oral health.

Like many other Americans, the recent economic crisis may have taken a huge chunk of your life savings. This explains why over 74 million Americans do not have dental coverage. With the ever-increasing costs and fixed incomes for the elderly, it becomes difficult to afford the quality dental care you need.

  • Medicare Dental Coverage

Over 50 million Medicare beneficiaries are in search of assistance in paying for their oral health care. However, Medicare does not cover for teeth and gum work. This means that there is minimal government assistance in assisting seniors who are in need of dental care. By law, Medicare shouldn’t pay for some dental procedures such as fillings, cleanings, dentures, crowns, and many other dental procedures unless it is considered medically necessary. However, getting senior dental insurance NY when you’re using Medicare isn’t expensive, difficult or limited. You can follow two different paths to find affordable coverage options.

  • Medicare Advantage Plan:

Most of these plans include dental, vision and prescription coverage. All of these benefits are synchronized together, and low premium costs will be included in your Medicare Advantage plan. Keep in mind that dental benefits are often limited to exams, cleanings, and bitewing x-rays. Therefore, if you need a more comprehensive coverage, you can consider adding a stand-alone dental plan.

  • Stand-Alone Dental Plan:

These are senior dental insurance NY plans that are sold by private insurance firms, and they don’t require coordination through Medicare. They often have a separate premium that covers more dental care procedures.

  • AARP Senior Dental Insurance in NY

Millions of people above the age of 50 have now joined the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons). If you are a member, then you are eligible for a senior dental insurance NY coverage. With such a plan you can choose between two main tiers of dental coverage.

Plan A: This plan offers several benefits but maintains a moderate premium.
Plan B: It offers a lower premium cost and covers fewer dental services at a lower discount

Both plans have three things in common including;
- Offer three oral exams and cleanings each year
- They have a waiting period of two years after you join before you access dental procedures such as dentures, crowns, and other complex procedures.
- For both plans, your premiums will stay fixed for two years

  • Discount Dental Plans: Low-Cost Senior Dental Insurance NY Alternative

Discount dental plans are an alternative to traditional senior dental insurances in NY because it helps you save a serious amount of money whenever you visit your dentist. And this is because they are not insurance, they charge low monthly or annual fees, they don’t require deductibles, copayments, or annual maximum limits. However, you should keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying your dentist the discounted amount when you use your discount dental plan.

No Waiting or Filing Claim Forms

Many seniors that cannot afford expensive senior dental insurance NY premiums are opting for discount dental plans from DentalSave. Even when you have a traditional dental insurance coverage, but you are placed in the long waiting period, this plan can help you save right away, and you can combine it with your existing policy. Discount dental plans also don’t have any claim forms to file because you pay the dentist the discounted fee directly.

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