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When joining the university, one of the major requirements is a comprehensive medical and dental check up before your admission. With the various processes required for successful admission, finding an affordable health and dental plan pose to be a challenge especially for international students.

Similarly, resident students need affordable dental care. However, some cannot use their parents' policies due to distance from home or outgrowing the age limit for coverage. In a case where your school’s insurance policy does not cover dental treatment, you may need to find student dental plans in NY.

What Are Student Dental Plans?

A student dental plan is one that provides comprehensive and affordable dental care options for students. These plans allow you to seek routine, preventive or specialized dental care. Additionally, the plans cover either all or part of your dental costs. Students need to pay an annual or monthly premium to acquire membership. In addition, you can seek dental treatment at affordable rates from participating dentists in the network.

There are various student dental plans in NY such as Dentalsave, Aetna, Cigna and AARP. These policies offer great rates on dental procedures, from routine cleaning to specialized care. Additionally, they provide you access to thousands of participating dentists across New York.

Student Dental Plans in NY

1. Dentalsave

Dentalsave offers amazing rates of up to 50% savings on each visit to the dentist. With this plan, you pay an annual fee of $99 and gain access to thousands of dental practitioners in New York. More to this, Dentalsave has no waiting periods or lengthy claim processes. You will only need to register and activate your plan in a matter of minutes and use it as soon as you’d like. Additionally, your membership card allows you to save when purchasing pharmaceutical needs, hearing services and vision.

2. Aetna

Aetna provides student dental plans in NY with thousands of practicing dentists in their network. The activation period takes just a few days, and what you need to do is present your plan to the provider, get the procedure done and pay at the time of service. Additionally, you do not need fill out claim forms to process your claims while using the saving plan.

3. Cigna

Cigna has student dental plans that allow you to save from 15 percent to 50 percent off of your total dental expenses. Without the insurance delay, you can get quality dental services from various participating dentists in New York. More to this, there are no annual limits on dental services. The only requirement is to show your card to save every time you visit the dentist.


AARP provides two dental plans that are suitable for students. One policy allows smaller payments at lower rates thus offering flexible options. Although members enjoy savings of over 50 percent, it doesn't come with additional coverage for prescription drugs, hearing and vision services.

What is the Cost of Student Dental Plans in New York?

The membership premiums and registration fees for student plans in NY are relatively low compared to the dental insurance system. Dentalsave’s individual plan costs as low as $99 per year. In fact, you can choose the monthly payment of $9.99 which is quite flexible and ideal for students. Most student dental plans in NY can help you save more since they have no annual limits and process claims quickly.

As a student, you need prompt access to affordable dental care; whether it is routine cleaning or annual check-ups. When choosing an appropriate provider for student dental plans in NY, it is best to consider the payment schedule, flexibility and availability of dentists in your location.

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