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As an international student in New York State, you are advised to have a full medical and dental check-up before traveling to the United States. International students face many challenges as they adjust to the American culture. Finding adequate dental and health plans that you can afford is often one of those difficulties.

On the other hand, local college students also need dental care, but many are too old to be covered under their parents’ insurance plans. If your school’s insurance plan does not offer dental coverage, you need to find affordable student dental discount plans in NY.

What is a Dental Discount Plan?

A dental discount plan can be described as a fee for service plan. Here, students pay an annual or monthly fee for a membership card that allows them to receive dental care and treatment at discounted rates from any participating dentist within their plan’s network. The membership costs for discount dental plans for foreign students or exchange students in New York are usually small compared to the amount of savings they will receive.

Some of the discount dental plan options for students in New York include Dentalsave, Careington, Aetna Dental, Cigna, and AARP. These plans offer discounts for different procedures from teeth cleaning appointments to teeth whitening and implants. They also give you access to thousands of dental care providers.

Student Dental Discount Plans NY

  1. Dentalsave

Dentalsave offers affordable dental discount plans in NY. From just $99 per year, you are assured of discounted prices from thousands of participating dentists around the state. Dentalsave has no waiting periods or claims processes and cuts up to 50 percent of your dental costs. You can activate your plan in a matter of minutes and can start using it on the same day. What’s more, your card also allows you to save on prescription drugs, hearing, and vision.

  1. Careington

Careington offers discounted dental, vision, and prescription medication savings plans. For dental work, Careington provides you with between 20 to 50 percent discounts at its participating dentists. However, you only get a 20 percent discount for specialist services.

  1. AARP

AARP offers two dental discount plans. One of the plans has lower premiums and smaller payouts. Although AARP offers discounts of over 50 percent, it has no extra coverage options like hearing, prescription drugs or vision.

  1. Cigna

With over 93,000 dental care providers, Cigna is well poised to offer dental Plans with average discounts of 35 percent. You can also use Cigna dental plans outside New York. However, it has no extra coverage options like vision and hearing.

  1. Aetna

Aetna’s discount rates range from 15 percent to 50 percent. It has a large number of participating pharmacies and dental caregivers in New York. Aetna offers dental plus pharmacy and dental only plans. However, it does not provide comprehensive vision and hearing plans.

Cost of Discount Dental Plans in New York for College Students

The signup and membership fees charged by dental discount plans in NY are relatively low compared to dental insurance. Dentalsave’s Individual Plan costs students $99 per year or $9.99 per month. Furthermore, most dental plans have no limits or savings caps which allows you to save more. Dental plans also require no pesky paperwork, red tape, and waiting period for reimbursements.

Both local and international students need access to affordable dental care while studying, hence the essence of discount dental plans. A rule of the thumb is to carefully scrutinize each provider’s terms of payment, fee schedule, waiting period, savings, dental network size, and maximums before you choose a student dental discount plan in NY.

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