How much do braces cost?

Cutting the cost of braces

How much do braces cost? It depends on whether you have a dental discount plan.

If you or a family member needs braces, you may be in for a case of sticker shock when you see how much braces cost. Orthodontists today offer different kinds of braces at different price points, but all carry costs that can be in intimidating.

Traditional dental insurance can help offset the cost of braces, but only to a point, and many insurance plans don’t cover braces at all. Fortunately, dental discount plans like DentalSave can cut your cost for all kinds of braces, from traditional metal devices up through Invisalign.

Different braces, different costs

Braces are devices that gradually readjust the position of your teeth, straightening them to make for a more attractive smile and a more effective bite. You get them from an orthodontist, a dental specialist who’s completed advanced training to fix tooth and jaw alignment problems.

You’re probably familiar with traditional metal braces, but other, less obtrusive kinds of braces also can straighten teeth. Here’s guide to the options, including price ranges:

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    Ceramic braces

    Very much like metal braces, but the brackets are clear or tooth-colored, which makes them less obvious. They’re more expensive than metal braces.

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    Metal braces

    A system of brackets and adjustable wires that gradually move teeth into position. Today’s metal braces are smaller, with colored brackets available, but they’re still the most visible option.

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    Lingual braces

    Metal braces installed on the backs of the teeth—they’re invisible when you smile. They’re also more expensive than traditional metal braces, and not right for everyone.

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    Invisalign or invisible braces

    Instead of brackets and wires, this approach uses transparent plastic aligners. They’re like mouth-guards, removed and replaced every week. They let you eat and drink anything you like, but are a more expensive option.

Limits of traditional insurance

Traditional dental insurance plans vary widely when it comes to braces. Many provide zero coverage (though you may be able to purchase supplemental orthodontic insurance).

Some only cover braces for patients under age 18, even though 20 percent of people who get braces are adults (including some who had braces as kids—your teeth can shift as you age). Others limit you to specific kinds of braces.

Dental insurance plans also limit how much they’ll pay for braces. Some limit orthodontic coverage, specifically, and all plans set caps—usually just $1,000 to $2,000—on total coverage for any given year.

This means that for expensive dental treatment like braces, you’ll cover most of the cost on your own.

The DentalSave alternative

DentalSave is different. It’s not conventional insurance, but rather a membership-based discount plan that can cut 25 percent off the costs of braces (and give you big discounts on all dental procedures, plus vision care, hearing care, and prescription drugs).

Think of it like joining a warehouse club. You pay an annual membership fee ($99 for an individual, $199 for a family of three or more) then get the same great dental care—including braces—at significant savings.

Compare what you might pay for different kinds of braces with DentalSave versus traditional insurance:

Regular price range Insurance (after $1,000 benefit cap) DentalSave (with 25 percent discount)
Metal braces $3,000-7,000 $2,000-6,000 $2,250-5,250
Ceramic braces $4,000-8,000 $3,000-7,000 $3,000-6,000
Lingual braces $8,000-10,000 $7,000-9,000 $6,000-7,500
Invisalign $4,000-7,400 $3,000-6,400 $3,000-5,550

Actual costs for braces vary widely, but in almost every case, you can save more with DentalSave over insurance. The savings are especially significant for the more expensive, less visible options that adult patients tend to choose.

Find an orthodontist

So, which is right for you? Only you can make the call—do a little research, crunch the numbers, and see which option makes orthodontic care more affordable.

Once you decide on DentalSave, it takes only a minute to become a member and never pay full price at the dentist again. Everyone can join, and the savings start right away—all you do is show your card.

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