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How much could your family save with a DentalSave Plan? Members save tons on dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. See what they have to save about DentalSave.


Savings for Everyone

No matter what phase of life you’re in, DentalSave has your back. From college students, to new families, to retirees - everyone loves saving up to half off every dentist visit.

Savings Year After Year

Members stay with DentalSave for an average of 8 years. With no annual caps on savings and a plan that grows with your family, it's a no brainer - sticking with DentalSave saves you tons year after year.

savings all year

Trusted Savings Leader

For over 36 years DentalSave has been a trusted health savings leader. We maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and stick by our promise to save you $$$ on every dental visit. Take 30 days to try DentalSave risk-free.

Here’s what DentalSave members
have to say:

  • Literally saved me several thousand dollars

    I am in the process of having extensive dental work done. This includes several teeth removed, 4 implants being inserted, and soon crowns for all implants…. DentalSave literally saved me several thousand dollars.

    Elena, New York

  • DentalSave is saving me some big bucks

    With DentalSave I can now continue to get my teeth professionally cleaned and checked every few months for less than half the price. I keep my teeth looking white...and healthy. I also got a great discount on new eyeglass frames. All this without insurance and for just under $10/month. DentalSave is saving me some big bucks. Love you guys!

    Eliza, Pennsylvania

  • You pretty much make your money back after one cleaning and x-ray

    I have been using Dental Save for a number of years. I have had several tooth fillings, check ups, and a night guard from braces. DentalSave has without question saved me a lot of money over the years for a very reasonable yearly price. A standard health care dental plan will cost over 10 times the amount and you may or may not use it to its full potential. Dental save is so inexpensive you pretty much make your money back after one cleaning and x-ray.

    Ben, Massachusetts

  • We have definitely gotten our money's worth

    I have been a member of Dentalsave for several years and have found that it is extremely easy to save money. It has helped saved money on both of my kids braces as well as for routine appointments and procedures. We have definitely gotten our money's worth.

    Alyson, Texas

  • What else can I say? Without DentalSave I would pay a lot more

    I love dental save simply because it saves me money. What else can I say? Without DentalSave I would pay a lot more for dental treatment. Also, DentalSave has a lot of participating dentists to choose from. Thanks you!

    Charles, Rhode Island

  • Recoup the cost of annual membership with a single dental visit

    All of my preferred providers (dentist, periodontist, endodontist) participate with dental save. It saves me approximately 30% off of the full price services that I receive. I recoup the cost of annual membership with a single dental visit.

    Darren, Illinois

  • DentalSave really saved my pockets!!!

    After painstakingly searching for and finding "THE PERFECT DENTIST”, due to a change in my employment status I lost my coverage. I finally got another job; the insurance that my new company offered was not accepted by my "PERFECT DENTIST". I needed major work done; thank God for DentalSave. A lot of things that were covered by my old insurance were deeply discounted DentalSave. DentalSave really saved my pockets!!!

    Sharon, Ohio

  • Great option for Medicare beneficiaries

    I have had DentalSave for only 2-3 years but have saved a considerable amount in dental costs. My dentist has been accepting it for years and his charges reflect exactly the rated published by DentalSave. Being on Medicare there is no dental insurance and the list prices for most dental work are quite high. The half charge for regular cleaning is a great incentive to have my teeth cleaned and to have occasional x-rays to keep my mouth healthy. I believe I will use EyeMed this year, as I am in need of new eye glasses.

    Eunice, Florida

  • I can still see the doctors I love

    I love DentalSave because not only does it give me amazing discounts for services I need, I can still see the doctors I love and have always gone too. Love DentalSave and all that it has to offer! Definitely recommend to everyone.

    Suzanne, Georgia

  • It’s a no-brainer

    DentalSave is better than insurance. You get almost the same price breaks at a fraction of the cost, and no claims to deal with. DentalSave has an annual cost equivalent to what most insurance companies charge monthly for family coverage. It's a no-brainer!

    Taylor, New Jersey

  • Fixed Fees

    I very much like than when I go to a DentalSave dentist, there will be a fixed sum. I recently went to a dentist who did not take the plan and I had to pay a lot without knowing beforehand how much. I recommend DentalSave to my friends who do not have dental insurance. I am grateful for your service

    Will, California

  • Excellent Selection of Dentists

    I have been a member in two different states, and have found the selection of dentists to be excellent. I've recommended DentalSave to family and friends and they have also been extremely satisfied.

    Natalie, Arizona

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