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Purchase a Monthly or an Annual Plan

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Save on Every Visit & Every Procedure

36 Years of Savings

Millions of Discounts Served

Average Membership of 8+ Yrs.

DentalSave Dental Discount Plans start at $99 a year. Members can pay by the month or once annually

DentalSave Dental Discount Plans Pricing

DentalSave offers a variety of plan and payment options for every family and budget.

Individual Membership

$99 / Year
$9.99 / Month

Dual Membership

$165 / Year
$14.95 / Month

Family Membership

$199 / Year
$17.95 / Month

Explore Plan Options

* Monthly memberships are subject to a one-time $20 non-refundable processing fee.

Visit Top-Rated Dentists

DentalSave partners with the nation’s leading dentists to provide you with premium care at the lowest possible rate. This is the power of Dental Discount Plans.

Over 42,000 locations

State-Certified & Fully Insured

Easy-to-Use Dentist Search Tool

How it works

Think of us like the Amazon Prime© or warehouse membership card of dental care.

You pay a small yearly or monthly membership fee for dental discount plans and lock into drastically discounted rates (often up to 50%) from trusted dentists in your area.

How much will I save?

Our dental discount plan reduces every dental bill by 20-50%. All procedures are included – from regular cleanings to root canals..

There are no caps on savings or limits on use (unlike insurance) and your plan is effective immediately. The discount is applied on the spot – no lengthy claims process to deal with. Just save and smile!

One Dental Discount Plans Card – 4 Ways to save

All DentalSave dental discount plans include deep discounts on dental as well as savings on vision, hearing, and prescription drugs. Learn more about DentalSave’s additional health savings.



Prescription Drug


DentalSave Dental Discount Plans Members Love Saving

“It’s a no-brainer”
Taylor, New Jersey
“Literally saved me thousands of dollars”
Natalie, Arizona
“Excellent selection of dentists.”
Elena, New York

Start Saving with Three Easy Steps:


Choose Your Plan


Find Your Dentist


Show Your Card to Save

9 Ways To Win With Dental Discount Plans

  • No exclusions. Anyone can join.
  • No limits on care (most insurance tops out at $1,500).
  • No pesky paperwork or form-filling.
  • No waiting for reimbursement.
  • No red tape: get your discount the same day.
  • Transparent fee schedules. Know what you’ll save.
  • Backed by titans (our insurance partner has 10+ million members nationwide).
  • Specialists included: bust a tooth, need braces fast, or dental emergency? You are protected.
  • Afford to look your best & get 2 cleanings per year (doctor recommended)

Try it for 30 Days

Still not sure if it’s possible to keep 50% more cash in your pocket, and still receive quality care? It is.
Try any DentalSave dental discount plan for 30 days, visit an in-network dentist, and experience the instant savings.
If you aren’t 100% satisfied & smiling – for ANY reason – we’ll give you a full and immediate refund. No questions asked.
It’s just how we like to do things around here.

Questions? Connect with Our Friendly Support Team

If you have any questions, call our knowledgeable staff a call anytime 9-5 EST, toll free at 800.580.1530.

We will help you find your fee schedule and show you exactly how much you can expect to save.

We’ll even email you a personalized savings sheet.

Who We Are has been serving smart dental shoppers for over 35 years.

Founded in 1981, we are proud of our long-standing ability to give you a simple, transparent way to navigate the complicated jungle of dental care — regardless of budget or family size.

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