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Root Canal

A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth. The procedure involves removing the damaged area of the tooth (the pulp), cleaning and disinfecting it and then filling and sealing it.:

What is Root Canal?

Root Canals (endodontic therapy) is a dental procedure performed to treat a tooth that is infected, inflamed, or decayed. This procedure is more commonly known as a root canal. During a root canal, the pulp of the tooth is removed and then cleaned thoroughly. Once the canals and the pulp chamber of the tooth have been hollowed out and cleaned, they are filled and sealed in order to prevent any future infection.

Typically, endodontic therapy consists of a minimum of two visits. The first visit will allow the dentist to remove the infected pulp, clean out the canal, and fit the tooth for a filling. This filling is temporary and is only designed to last until the following appointment, where the dentist will determine if the infection has been successfully treated. If it has, the permanent filling is put in place.

When a tooth is badly decayed or infected a dentist might recommend a root canal. People generally know they need a root canal because they feel a sharp pain and that is the nerves signaling it’s time for it to come out by then the infection reached the root. During a root canal the nerve of the tooth and the pulp are removed and the dentist cleans and seals the root of the teeth.

Some say that the root canal is painful but with the local anesthetic applied you generally feel no pain. The majority of the pain is what you experience from the wait of getting the infected or decayed tooth removed. After the root canal the dentist will use a crown or filling for protection. You can go back to chewing, biting and no one will notice the difference.

  • Anterior – Procedure in which the exposed pulp is covered with a dressing or cement that protects the pulp and promotes healing and repair.
  • Bicuspid – Pulpotomy is the surgical removal of a portion of the pulp with the aim of maintaining the vitality of the remaining portion by means of an adequate dressing.
  • To be performed on primary or permanent teeth.This is not to be construed as the first stage of root canal therapy.
  • Molar – Includes primary teeth without succedaneous teeth and permanent teeth. Complete root canal therapy; pulpectomy is part of root canal therapy. Includes all appointments necessary to complete treatment; also includes intra-operative radiographs. Does not include diagnostic evaluation and necessary radiographs/diagnostic images.

How much will my root canal cost?

Endodontic therapy is a routine dental procedure, but it is a complex procedure none the less. Patients who require a root canal can expect to pay between $750 and $1200 for the procedure itself. This price does not include the cost of the filling or the crown. The average cost of a resin filling is around $250. Crowns are pricier, and can range from $1100 to $1300..

DentalSave Members pay between of $425 and $577.

ADA CodeProcedureRegular FeeDentalSave fee
D3310Regular Root Canal$ 800.50$425.50
D3320Root Canal (Bicuspid)$ 925$ 479.50
D3320Root Canal (Molar)$ 1100$ 577.50

Will I need additional or special care after my root canal?

If you think you need a root canal, consult your dentist. There are a number of steps that occur over a few office visits. Before or after your root canal, you can expect to receive x rays, fillings, pulpotomies and more.

Discounts on root canals and other related procedures are included in all dentalsave memberships.

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