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How to save money on dental care

Discount plans like DentalSave can help you connect with an affordable dentist

So, you want to save money on dental care. You walk into your dentist’s office and happen to catch her when she’s not busy. You suggest she slash her rates across the board for you and your family. She agrees. Problem solved.

That may not be as preposterous as it sounds. Turns out dentists are glad to negotiate—they just need to do so on a much bigger scale.

Discount plans build bargaining power

That’s where dental discount plans come in. Plans like DentalSave were built on the knowledge that, together, thousands of patients wield considerable bargaining power.

DentalSave handles the negotiation, getting you the best possible rates. All you need to do is become a member. We can help you connect with an affordable dentist in your community.

Think of discount plans like warehouse club memberships. With DentalSave, you pay an annual or monthly fee to join, choosing from an individual, dual, or family plans. You get the same quality care but at a savings of 25-50 percent off.

In just one visit to the dentist, the money you save can more than makeup for your membership fee. And all you have to do is show your DentalSave card.


DentalSave dentists are among the best in the business

Dentists sign on with DentalSave because it makes good business sense. Becoming a participating dentist helps them connect with thousands of DentalSave members, building their patient base and filling available appointments. And with discount plans, they get paid right away, without a lot of paperwork.

Our affordable dentists are among the best in their fields. They’re all state certified, fully insured, and reviewed by DentalSave members. They provide both general dentistry and specialized care.

Use DentalSave’s dentist search tools to find participating dentists in your area.

Affordable dentists, flexible options

Dental discount plans are a new concept to a lot of people. Most of us are familiar with dental insurance, but our approach is completely different. We offer our members a flexible way to find an affordable dentist.

With dental insurance, you pay a monthly premium to an insurance company, which then covers the cost of your dental care (minus the co-pays that fall to you).

But only up to a certain point. Most dental insurance plans cap annual benefits at $1,000 to $2,000. If you need care that goes beyond routine cleanings and simple fillings, you may need to pay for a big chunk out of your own pocket.

Dental insurance can be great, but it offers a “Goldilocks” solution: If you don’t need much care, you can pay more in premiums that you get back. If you need a lot of care, you can quickly exceed your annual cap. If you need a “just right” amount of care, you’re covered.

With DentalSave, you get big discounts on whatever care you need, whenever you need it. You’ll never pay full price at the dentist again.

We work with dentists to set prices for our members—see these examples:

Regular fee
DentalSave fee
Periodic oral evaluation
X-rays, including bitewings
Adult cleaning
Resin filling

DentalSave benefits go beyond dental care. Every membership includes discounts on vision care, hearing care, and prescription drugs, too.

Become a member

Anyone can join DentalSave, and the benefits begin immediately. It takes just a few minutes to become a member—take the next step now and start saving right away.

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